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Coaching and Games

If you’re looking for coaching support or games to enliven your running sessions, use Running Start and Loopy Laps. Then try Active Eating lessons for great warmup or cool down activities.

Running Start includes 83 videos to help you teach the fundamentals of running through age-appropriate games, activities, and drills.

It's easy to count laps with Loopy Laps, a compendium of fun and challenging games that your Mighty Milers will love to play during running sessions.

Even very young Mighty Milers are often choosing what foods they eat. And certainly, as your students mature, they will be charged with making more food choices daily. Help them learn to choose nourishment that will help their bodies and minds to flourish.

Running Start's Nutrition Activities are a free series of K-8 lesson plans that use fun physical activities to educate children about making healthy food choices. Lessons explore the importance of each meal, the value of eating a variety of foods, healthy and less healthy food options, and how to select foods that help our bodies stay strong.